When you say BPO, the first thing that comes to mind is cost reduction, however that is not the only thing that BPO has to achieve. BPO is about customer relationships; it is about getting things right the first time. We are those trusted experts that can take your business to the next competitive level.

What makes Uxcor stand out?

BPO is not just a passing fad but a crucial business strategy and that is why so many of our customers have adopted our customized BPO solution. BPO without the expertise may not earn the returns that businesses see but with experts at Uxcor customizing your solutions, it can be a business strategy that makes your business work smarter and produces higher ROI.

Benefits of BPO

As a seasoned BPO provider, we have the knowledge of your industry segment to squeeze out the inefficiencies and free your resources to focus on innovation as we help in growing your business. You will gain:

- Satisfied Customers
- Productivity in operations
- Intrinsic and extrinsic value
- Business Transformation

Industry Specialization

Banking And Financial Services We focus exclusively on our customer's industries and so we have the expertise to manage risks, knowledge of regulations and compliance those regulations and transform your business to be efficient to reduce expenditures.

Communications Fast and secure communications allow us to handle BPO solutions where we can manage customer support, service operations, orders and revenue management efficiently.

Energy And Utilities Our worldwide delivery capability and our expertise in the energy business makes it possible to deliver value and operational efficiency where you need it.

Healthcare We partner with some of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. because they trust our expertise in delivering BPO and IT.

Information, Media And Entertainment We strive to develop expertise that is most beneficial to our customers. Our BPO and IT expertise make it possible to deliver the right solutions to redesign and reengineer processes to reduce costs.

Insurance We offer BPO services across wide range of insurance industries that include Property and casualty, life and health, retirement and annuities.

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences We make pharmaceutical and life science companies more competitive by our analytics solutions and business intelligence reporting.

Manufacturing No matter how optimized your manufacturing solutions are, change in the industry makes it necessary to revaluate and streamline business using BPO's with industry focus and global capability to deliver.