In retailing customer focus is everything! It drives the business success and profitability. Shopper preferences drive the wheels of any retail business, yet knowing preferences is a delicate balancing act. That is why retailers are focusing on deeper consumer knowledge, channel partnerships and supply chain management for long term business success.

Why Uxcor?

At Uxcor Inc., we are dedicated to helping and guiding our customers to creativity and innovation in the retailing industry. We partner with you to deliver one stop strategic partnership to cost effective solutions. Our retail team experts provide you all the technology expertise to facilitate long-term success.

Segments We Serve

Department Stores: Consumer demand is ever changing and to stay competitive, we help you with technology solutions to price optimize, assortment planning, promotions and category management. This helps you stay competitive even with complex supply chain.

Grocers: Uxcor Inc.'s retail solutions help you optimize prices, provide inventory planning and implement integrated point-of-sale systems that maximize the razor thin profits of the grocery business.

Specialty Retailers: Uxcor Inc. will help you identify competitive advantages in relation to similar companies at the same time help you find technological niche versus other mass-market retailers.