Low cost manufacturing has become reality in globally and geographically distributed operations. Competitive edge depends on delivering a quality product manufactured at a lowest cost. To achieve this, it is required that manufacturers optimize processes across the entire supply chain and within the organization.

How does Uxcor help?

We work with your organization to integrate all aspects of manufacturing from shop floors to assembly lines with enterprise technology systems. This transformation often leads to higher quality, reduced cycle time, and better productivity.

Segments We Serve

Automotive: We work with our OEM partners and tiered vendors to improve and maximize operational efficiency.

Process: Integration of ERP, real time technologies, RFID and mobile solutions lead to faster delivery, real-time oversight and improved operational capabilities.

Diversified: Our operational and manufacturing technology experts will show you how to use the best practices and integrate them throughout your organization, resulting in better resource utilization, faster and better data analysis.