Uxcor's partnership with Insurance companies provides a focus to adapt to challenging forces that are changing the health insurance landscape. We put our resources to complement yours to make your business a high performance business through innovative solutions, consulting and technology.

Recent economic downturn has had a profound and dramatic impact on the insurance industry. As the economy recovers, the industry is pushing for more timely, accurate and relevant information, as well as flexible products that can be built and delivered quickly. Insurers adapting by revamping fundamental business processes and creating new, technology powered products. Time-to-market is sped up by enhanced analytics and better compliance with tougher regulations.

Why Uxcor?

Our approach and objectives are focused on your success. We strive to anticipate and fulfill customer needs and advance your business objectives. With our technology and cost conscious approach, we work collaboratively to help you create new business capabilities, contain and reduce costs and capitalize on new business opportunities.

Segments We Serve

Life Insurance: We strive to increase efficiency of organization's workflow, operations and reduce processing costs while improving service efficiency.

Property and Casualty: We draw on our expertise in business process efficiency and core business operations to facilitate client acquisition, rating and policy administration.