Health care industry is always challenged by new rules and regulations. Being profitable is always a challenge in face of uncertainties. Uxcor Inc., as your strategic partner, will help upgrade and revamp your technology investments and business processes. We are dedicated in helping health organizations; government agencies and other public service organizations worldwide achieve high performance.

Uxcor Advantage

What makes us unique is our deep domain understanding and strategic capabilities with cost competitive advantages right here in America. Our capabilities can guide your organization to be more efficient and effective. Our expertise can transform your business by leveraging emerging healthcare technologies into profits.

Services & Solutions We Offer

Business Process Initiative: We will make your business more efficient by applying quality initiatives such as Six Sigma and ISO 9001.

Consumer Directed Health Arrangements (CDHA): Uxcor Inc.'s total review system will assess your Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) readiness and enable you to plan for CDHA implementation.

End-to-End Managed Care: Our end to end managed care from implementation to maintenance has distinct advantage of being reliable and measurable performance for greatest financial impact.

Legacy Upgrades: Uxcor Inc. will migrate all your Legacy systems and deploy latest web enabled technologies to leverage your legacy systems.

Self Services: Our self-service and e-health applications allow you to share information between members and providers.

Enterprise Reporting & Data Analytics: Our solutions for managed care systems provide end-to-end services with more intelligent reporting and data analysis.

Regulatory Compliance: Our technology focus and business processes are geared to be within the regulatory compliance sphere. Our technology implementations make regulatory compliance easier and streamlined.