With onset of green and earth friendly energy push, utility and energy companies face increasing environmental and regulatory challenges. Going green must also mean being profitable, better financial performance and customer satisfaction at your �green� efforts. It also means new technologies and business processes and improved business performance.

How Uxcor can help?

Smart grid also means smarter technologies. With Uxcor Inc. as your strategic partner, we will provide an array of business process solutions and strategic consulting backed by our dedicated team of experts and supported by our proven IT framework. Uxcor Inc. is a trusted name in providing energy sector with solutions for reliable, cost-effective methodologies, efficient tools and stable architectures.

Services & Solutions We Offer

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence: Data, by itself does not have much use unless used in smart decision making. We help setup data warehouses and extract business intelligence so that decision makers can make an smart informed decisions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): ERP has become de-facto standard for managing any large operation, sales and support. Experts at Uxcor Inc. will help you with planning, implementation, support and maintenance of your organization�s ERP.

Enterprise Application Integration: Uxcor Inc. can help you connect different resources such as systems, technology and people.

Supply Chain Management: Our experts with their deep domain knowledge can help you build an adaptive and agile extended supply chain that is aligned with your business objectives.