The ever-changing consumer tastes requires consumer goods companies to be dynamic and attuned to consumer preferences. Uxcor Inc. will provide technology services and management consulting to transform companies to dynamic entities that perform to higher standards. At Uxcor Inc., our unique approach of partnering with companies helps us develop in-depth understanding of consumers and develop specialized solutions through ERP, optimized supply chain and streamlined cost structure. Our unique blend of strategies will serve to produce sustainable long term growth and greater value for share holders.

Segments We Serve

Consumer Durables: Uxcor Inc. will streamline operations that are driven by consumer demand, streamline and reduce costs and create sustainable cost structure for the brands with our collaborative domain knowledge and proven strategies.

Footwear and Apparel: Our collaborative approach lets us provide detailed insight of your business model and iron out inefficiencies through our top down review of your business processes resulting in performance improvement.

Food And Beverage: Uxcor Inc.'s rapid respond team of experts can solve any supply chain technology issues and develop plans for leveraging your strengths to dynamically approach your customer needs.

Home And Personal Care: Uxcor Inc. leverages technology to provide better ROI on your R&D and contain costs. We adapt our knowledge and your resources to take advantage of changing consumer demographics.