With onset of mobile devices as business tools, Internet delivery gets redefined and challenged almost everyday. Whether your delivery is via cable, wireless, satellite or any combination, a single strategy may not be enough. You will need a dynamic multi-faceted strategy to compete in this dynamic economy.

How does Uxcor fit into this dynamic equation?

Uxcor Inc. believes in providing highest value added services, highest value does not necessarily mean highest cost. Our business communication technology solutions range from SIP trunking, wireless solutions to Business Process Management. We make this possible with our highly dedicated employees who bring dynamic industry knowledge and cutting edge solutions right where they are needed.

Segments We Serve

Wired / Cable From systems integration planning, data migration, business process integration, customer management and order processing our solutions provide seamless integration of services.

Network Equipment Providers: We integrate technologies to streamline processes of network equipment providers to serve needs of their clients.

Integrated-Communications Providers: Uxcor Inc.'s technology experts provide expertise to integrate all facets of communications, from management to mobile Internet.

Wireless: Our team of experts will provide custom solutions that your customers demand. We will provide you with solutions ranging from testing, billing to guided innovation to make business more competitive.