Cloud is just not a buzz word but a way of increasing efficiency, empowering people and reducing costs associated with hardware and infrastructure.

Uxcor's Next Gen - Cloud Computing

Businesses can instantly obtain the benefits of the enormous infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly. This will permits accessibility to multiple data centers anywhere. It also means that as the need for resources increases, additional services can be added without having to pay for additional capital expenditure.

The dynamic nature of today's business combined with rapidly changing technological landscape means number of ways that workforce and consumers can interact has grown exponentially. These challenges and complexity can be reduced through efficient, effective and innovative business processes. Cloud computing is an effective way to meet these challenges and reduce complexity along with collaboration and cost reduction. Thus meeting demands of customers and knowledge professionals alike.

Uxcor's Approach

As part of Uxcor's end-to-end service offering, we will partner with you to design, implement, manage and train end-users for cloud based processes. Your cloud based solutions will create dynamic and collaborative environments and Uxcor will help you resolve the challenges and opportunities that come with cloud computing.

Uxcor offers cloud services based on customer needs whether Software, Infrastructure or Business Process as a service and that in turn depends on your cloud computing needs such as public, private or a combination of environments.

Uxcor's multi-platform delivery and expertise allows us to offer services that include:

  • Entity Process Service Solutions (EpSS)
  • Strategy and advisory for cloud computing
  • Management, monitoring and migration services for cloud.

Uxcor Distinction

  • World wide reach and delivery capabilities
  • Deliver what works
  • Expertise derived from working with world class partners
  • Open standards based implementation
  • Security integrated into architecture and development methods.