Information Technology is the underlying force for success of right strategic direction of a business. When both IT and business strategy align, it creates a synergy crucial to business success. This aligning of disparate synergies creates and fosters both innovation and growth.

Why Uxcor?

Cost advantage? sure we have that!! But you need a partner with core understanding and strategic capability to deliver what you envision. That's where Uxcor provides highly integrated consulting practice to your business and industry by aligning your business strategy with world-class technology. Our teams of technology proficient consultants work with you to deliver solutions, that are innovative, unique and profitable.

Uxcor's Business Consulting Services

Strategic Services
IT consultants who understand IT strategies and business agendas across multiple industries and strategic services that create and drive the future of your business.

Optimization of Application Portfolio
to determine which applications are best suited for efficiency, cost effectiveness and warrant continues support. This will help in streamlining business processes.

Business Process Transformation
Analyze, re-source and redesign outsourced business processes from strategic standpoint .

Process Optimization and Cost
reduction Reduce the business costs and optimize processes without giving up competitive advantages.

Change Management Effective
communications, transition and administration of process of change management.

IT Strategy
Develop competitive edge by aligning and leveraging IT to transform your business operations.

Global Sourcing
Valuable insight and advice and strategies on leveraging multi-sourcing globally to reduce cost, maximize IT process efficiencies, and centralize operations.

Operating Model for IT Organization
Help you design and define the kind of IT organization you want and operating model that will closely suit your business needs.

Entity Integration
Provide due diligence, corporate communications and implementation planning for seamless integration of entities and change management.

Client Solutions
Deploy integrated client experience services for cost effective and optimized client experience across all channels.

Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
Deploy our Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions to make more informed decisions to increased sales, better customer service and greater market share.

IT Infrastructure Services
Customized solutions to meet your technical needs and budgets for security architecture, remote desktop management and data-center consolidation.

Quality Assurance and Testing
Enhance quality and testing efficiency with precision to reduce costs and speed cycle times with our customized testing processes, specialized tools and consulting expertise.

Next Generation Solutions Group
Our expertise spans current technologies as well as technologies that are emerging. With this kind of expertise we will help you implement large, complex, business critical programs.