In increasingly competitive world, businesses require smarter application solutions in order to thrive. These smarter solutions take on complexity of their own when they span organizational and international boundaries. Hence companies must adapt to emerging opportunities with smarter technologies and often web-based infrastructure.

What does Uxcor offer?

As an international player, our clients rely on us to create application portfolios and capabilities to effectively use those portfolios. While we provide you with full service including customized application development, testing, maintenance and upgrades to existing applications and consulting, you can plan next set of strategies to improve your ROI of the IT investment.

Services Offered

Application Development
One sure way to gain new markets is through innovation. Our services such as application development, systems integration will help you achieve delivery and consulting expertise-required integration and help you innovate to cater to new markets.

Application Options Management
Our application options management solutions can help you choose applications that are optional, reduce cost of existing applications, simplify processes and streamline capacity. The results: You will streamline operations and significantly reduce cost of ownership, better service levels and better ROI.

Testing Services
We have standardized and established several new methodologies testing tools for defect tracking, test execution, test automation, reporting, process control, and planning. These methodologies and our expertise translate into superior software product that is ready to be deployed resulting in faster response time than your competitors.