Business evolution is natural. Our business has evolved to accommodate business growth and changing customer demands. We have evolved from United Information Technology, Inc into Uxcor. Our evolution is backed by over 15 years of strategic thinking, business excellence and customer growth.

Our passion is to put you and your business needs first. We measure our success in terms of how well you have succeeded. There is no magical formula to our success, we invest in what matters the most, namely, our people. We invest our resources so that our dedicated professionals can do their best to achieve and exceed your business goals. We empower our people to be innovative thinkers so that they can bring new business models, ideas and strategies to help you succeed.

Customer First: Our on-site managers coordinate with your team to provide seamless flow of information. This information flows to our professional at your site or at our offices to provide uninterrupted process flow.

Global Reach: Uxcor will facilitate your vision of a global business. How? Because our seamless network of operations, it will allow you to see and visualize your business as a global business before you actually get there. Our professional will be are there to make it a reality.

Capabilities: We draw our strength from professionals who have vast industry expertise across multiple domains so that it give you the depth and breadth required to make sound decisions in almost any industry.

Innovation: Uxcor's 2.0 worldwide delivery platform is built using cloud technologies, social network and mobility. It enables our professionals, clients and business customers work seamlessly while sharing insights and expertise in real time.

Integrity: At Uxcor, we abide by highest ethical standards. Our corporate culture is governed by ethics, integrity, transparency and responsible corporate citizenship.

Sucess: We stand for and work towards the financial success of our professionals, business partners and customers. After all, without financial success, we would not be in business.

Integrated services: Our portfolio offerings are geared and customized to each of our customers ranging from IT Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Maintenance, Consulting to Business Process Outsourcing.